Sample6 Success Stories: Clover Stornetta

By: Sample6 on March 10th, 2015

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Sample6 Success Stories: Clover Stornetta

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Sustainability_Page-506Clover Stornetta, a milk supplier based in northern California, recently adopted Sample6 DETECT in its Petaluma bottling plant. Originating in the early 1900s, Clover has always strived to produce high quality products based on the simple equation, happy cows = delicious, nutritious milk. With this in mind, Clover Stornetta works closely with farmers and producers at every step of the process to ensure the production of the cleanest and best tasting milk.

The food safety program at Clover Stornetta includes a robust environmental pathogen program to verify the effectiveness of cleaning procedures and ultimately to ensure the safety of their products. Historically, environmental samples were screened for listeria by a 3rd party laboratory that used ELISA technology. The turnaround time for results was about a week. Leticia Correia, Quality Assurance Manager, shared that they had not previously considered bringing testing in house because of the enrichment required in traditional pathogen testing.

The team was eager to consider an enrichment-free option with a much faster turnaround time. With the adoption of Sample6 DETECT/L, testing can now be done in-house by all trained members of the quality team, with results within the same day.  Leticia Correia, Quality Assurance Manager, noted, “The test is very straight forward.  Everyone on my team can do it and requests for correctives actions can be communicated on the same day of testing.”

Sample6 CEO, Tim Curran, commented,  “At Sample6, we are pushing the limits of food safety to make food safer and we can only do this by partnering with companies like Clover Stornetta, who are always looking for ways to do things better.”


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