Sample6 Success Stories: Optimizing Logistics for Safer Food

By: Sample6 on December 4th, 2014

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Sample6 Success Stories: Optimizing Logistics for Safer Food

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At Sample6, we are on a mission to make food safer. We are partnering with companies large and small, from all across the country, in all different product types. Innovative companies come in all shapes and sizes. This month’s customer success story is RLS Logistics


RLS Logistics is a premier third party logistics company based in New Jersey.  Their focus is temperature-controlled logistics.   Originally founded as a family mushroom farm in 1968, the business has transformed under three generations of the Leo Family.  Over the years, the services have expanded to include trucking, warehousing, customized packaging, and national distribution.  As the needs of their customers evolved, RLS added and expanded their business.

RLS Logistics has always strived to have state of the art food safety and quality systems.  As part of the commitment to food safety, they have recently earned BRC certification. They also have an internal Quality, Safety and Learning (QSL) Committee to ensure that all parts of the business work together to deliver wholesome and safe product to consumers. The expansion into customized packaging of frozen foods was the impetus for further enhancements to their food safety program. With a commitment to provide the latest technology and food safety, RLS Logistics recently adopted Sample6 DETECT/L for their environmental Listeria testing. 

Previously,  RLS Logistics utilized a third party lab for environmental Listeria testing. Time to results was the driver for bringing the testing in-house. Several technologies, including PCR, were considered. Sample6 DETECT was the only test, which enabled in-shift results. In addition, Sample6 DETECT does not require enrichment, which allows the test to be run in the plant rather than a laboratory.


Selina Hart, Quality Assurance Manager at RLS Logistics, was eager to adopt the technology based on speed and safety. She noted, “Having pathogen results in hand in six hours without enrichment is particularly exciting compared to waiting days for third party results.  The transition from a third party lab to Sample6 DETECT was seamless. A total of 7 people have been trained. We test during all three shifts, all four zones, every week.”

In addition, RLS Logistics continues to expand their packaging operation.  This requires updating and expanding their environmental monitoring plan.   Selina is leading this effort by using DETECT/L for investigative work as well as her routine testing.

Sample6 Vice President & Founder, Michael Koeris commented, “RLS’s transformation from a family farm to a logistics leader is phenomenal. Their commitment to their customers is reflected in the services they have added over the years. State of the art food safety solutions is a critical piece of this and we are proud to partner with them to make food safer.”