Customer Success Stories: Norpaco Gourmet Foods

By: Sample6 on July 8th, 2015

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Customer Success Stories: Norpaco Gourmet Foods

Customer Success Stories

norpacoNorpaco Gourmet Foods is a leading manufacturer of Italian style specialty food products. From their Connecticut facility, they deliver the taste of the Tuscan countryside with their specialty food products such as stuffed cherry peppers, stuffed olives, panini style meat and cheese rolls and more. Norpaco delivers great value and consistent quality by using the finest raw materials, including peppers sourced from Peru, authentic recipes and utmost attention to quality and safety. 

With a ready to eat products like their Pepper Shooters, Sun Dried Tomatoes or even pasta salad, Listeria is a critical concern. With this in mind,  Norpaco Gourmet Foods has built out a robust environmental program using Sample6 DETECT and Sample6 CONTROL.

 "What initially excited us was the turnaround time.  Prior to Sample6 DETECT,  we were waiting 5 days for results and constrained to testing schedule. Now, we now have the freedom to make our program more robust. We can take samples any day of the week and take action, same day."  

Tiffany Ptaszkiewicz, Manager of Food Safety and Quality, Norpaco

In addition to DETECT,  Norpaco also takes advantage of Sample6 CONTROL. Shifting from the tedious work of managing multiple spreadsheets has been a time saver. DETECT results are automatically uploaded and other test results like their ATP testing can all be viewed in one place including floorplan visualization and reporting.  The training was straightforward and the team has enthusiastically embraced the technology.

"We weren't looking a software solution but CONTROL is so easy to use. My technicians have really embraced it and we are looking forward to rolling it out beyond the quality team. It just makes sense for our business."

Tiffany Ptaszkiewicz, Manager of Food Safety and Quality, Norpaco

By taking advantage of both DETECT and CONTROL, Norpaco was able to improve the visibility, and action-ability of their testing program without additional cost.  

"We are thrilled to see Norpaco's success with both DETECT and CONTROL.  Our goal is to make food safer by improving the action-ability and visibility of testing data.  Norpaco is realizing this vision and as a founder, that is just fantastic to see."

Mike Koeris, Founder and Vice President, Sample6

With weekly testing of Listeria and daily testing for ATP, Sample6 DETECT and Sample6 CONTROL are integrated into Norpaco's quality system. They can ship with confidence and their customers can truly enjoy their culinary creations.  And speaking from experience, they are delicious! Be sure to check out other customer success stories as well!

Together, we can make food safer.


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