10 Cool Things About Working in the Food Industry Only an Insider Would Understand

By: Sample6 on April 6th, 2016

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10 Cool Things About Working in the Food Industry Only an Insider Would Understand

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So you're in the food industry... That must mean your job is all about factories, hairnets, and production lines. Right? 

People in the food industry are used to this common assumption. But we know there's much more to food production. Below are some of the cool things about the food industry only an insider would know. 


1. You get to work with cool robots 313a3707fb8ac131bbeba7158bdd3290

I mean come on! Couldn't you just watch this epic pretzel machine all day? 


Or this ice cream sandwich maker? 


2. You don't have to wear intense body suits  


But you sometimes get to wear cool beard nets to cover your hipster beard! 




3. You get FREE FOOD!  


Mars gives employees FREE CANDY! Talk about childhood dreams. 


4. You're not stuck in an office all day 


You aren’t limited to lab work or a desk job. There are thousands of different jobs available in the food industry. 


5. You get to help make tangible products



6. You get to be creative 


If you're lucky enough to be a Ben & Jerry's Flavor Guru, you spend your days tasting the best food in the world and coming up with new ice cream flavors! 


7. You've got some killer job security 


The food industry is one of the largest on the planet. People will always have to eat! 


8. You probably get to travel 


The food industry is global. Large US companies often do business in other countries and depending on your job position, you might get to travel (for free). 


9. You bring people happiness 




10. You keep people safe 


Every food professional should take pride in providing Americans with high quality, safe food.


Together, we can make food safer. With Sample6 DETECT, you can reduce the time and cost of your regular food testing practices. Revolutionize your testing program to benefit your company and your consumers.  

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